Dundee’s roving reporter Violet tracks down Michael Robb, an 18 year old torch bearer.

Michael’s nomination story
“Michael is involved in the organisation of charitable events at his school, Baldragon Academy. He has played a key part in raising significant amounts of money for a variety of good causes. Michael has been at the forefront of a school initiative aimed at refining anti-bullying culture. He spends a lot of time in school assisting the Pupil Support Workers with the Breakfast Club, supporting younger and often more vulnerable pupils. His Head Teacher said If my own son comes to develop the sincerity and maturity such as Michael exemplifies I shall feel very proud – a testimony to the contribution Michael has made to Baldragon. When he leaves school he intends to return next year in a teaching capacity by volunteering in some classes. He has achieved the Millenium Youth Award and hopes to become a Teacher of Mathematics in the future.”

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