As the deadline approaches to find the remaining 3 interns in the North and North East of Scotland, the citizen relay team are beginning to prepare for the first training session for interns on the 16th April at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

In total there will be 8 citizen relay interns from all corners of Scotland, who specialise in areas such as film making, audio production, photography, journalism and social media – and on the 16th of April, as well as specialised training from experts from the University of the West of Scotland, Citizen’s Eye and Somewhereto_, they will be producing their ‘meet the intern’ packages to appear on the website in coming days.

The details of the current training plans for Monday 16th April are available below. If you are interested in applying for the internship, are based in the North of Scotland and can get down to Glasgow (expenses are available) for next 16th April, please do get in touch.

#CitizenRelay Intern Training

Monday 16th April, Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow , 10-4pm

09.30 Welcome and introductions

10.00 Training the trainers (David McGillivray & Jennifer Jones, UWS)

The opening session will focus on the technical specifics of the #citizenrelay social media infrastructure. David and Jen will detail production notes, how content should look (tags and idents), where the content should be uploaded, the passwords and user accounts for the website, blogs, twitter, flickr and youtube and an overarching social media policy for the project.

11.00 Principles and practices of online journalism (Jennifer Jones, UWS and John Coster, Citizens Eye)

This session will focus on the principles underpinning the practice of online journalism, including finding the story, avoiding churnalism, seeking sources, building contacts, supporting team of reporters, editing work and problem solving. Jennifer and John will also touch on showcasing events, facilitating community voices (from reporters and from community groups), live blogging, project management and building relationships with mainstream media.

12.30 Lunch and chat

13.00 Practical workshop 1: Interviewing Skills (Audio and Video) John Coster, Citizens Eye and Tina Barton, Somewhere_to)

The focus of this session is around video and audio interviewing, using smartphone and mobile camera equipment. The session will concentrate on training people to shoot interviews with minimal need for editing. There will also be a discussion of online and offline content and the difference between doing it live and organising/preparing content to be uploaded in the evening.

14.00 Practical workshop 2: Writing for the web (Jennifer Jones, UWS)

This session focuses on the skills required for writing for the web that includes preparing engaging blog posts, curating inspiring tweets and using multimedia effectively in order to support and enhance your stories.

15.00 Practical workshop 3: Amplifying the message: Social media practice (David McGillivray, UWS and Rebecca Thompson, somewhere_to and Hot Tap Media)

This session focuses on utilising networks, promoting content, cross-posting and contextualising on a local, regional, national and international level (#media2012 and the Olympic lens) partnerships and relationships and using hashtags.

16.00 Close

Pre-training preparations

To get the most from the training, interns are asked to come to the CCA with story ideas related to the Torch Relay in their local area and, if possible, to have some audio, video and or blog content which the training team can work on and upload to a mock site on the day. In addition, in order to profile the interns for the CitizenRelay site, we would like you produce a short video (2 mins max) about you.

Equipment needs and logistics

Interns are requested to bring along their own equipment if possible, including cameras, audio recording devices, smartphones and laptops. Additional equipment will be provided by the UWS training team and delivery partners. Lunch will be covered by the CitizenRelay project.

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