Edinburgh; Friday 15th June 2012

A great project came to life thanks to Jennifer Jones and David McGillivray. They brought upon a project they thought wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. They opened the opportunity to people that want to be involved with media, journalism, photography, events and wish to share news or stories with others to do what is necessary to feel like a journalist.

I was part of this project and I quote: “as long as there is a story to share Citizen Relay reporters will be there”.

It took time and effort of participants and fellow reporters. Citizen Relay brought good chemistry amongst the reporters. Everyone was very enthusiastic about getting excellent stories and enjoying a hobby. Certainly it was an opportunity for people to engage, share information and have fun.

This time it was tracking the Olympic Torch. The Olympics haven’t finished, but will there be more in store for Citizen Relay?

Now it’s all up to the creators of the project to decide but as a Citizen Relay reporter all I have to say is “thank you”.

I like meeting new people, hearing and sharing ideas. I like photography, video and journalism.
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