#citizenrelay Day 7 – St. Andrews to Edinburgh

Another busy day on Citizen Relay – today the torch covered a very populous area and ended up in the capital. Lots of fantastic content has been produced today by all of our reporters, and this Storify represents only a slice of that. Please explore the hashtags and citizenrelay.net for more!

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A really big day for Citizen Relay begins

2nd last day of #citizenrelay tour. Reporters in Cumbernauld, Falkirk, Dunfermline & Edinburgh. Media centre 1pm, Pulp Fiction books shop!Jennifer Jones
Real lump in the throat watching those kids running along St. Andrews beach with the Olympic Torch on @BBCNews #torchrelay #citizenrelayRosaleen M Kelly
Citizen has really garnered the respect of bigger organisations
Love that Edinburgh city council twitter accounts are using #citizenrelay as way to share community content. Today is going to rock!Jennifer Jones
Thousands line the streets of Cumbernauld
Around 6000 people expected in #Cumbernauld for #olympictorch #citizenrelaySTV Cumbernauld
The kids are getting ready for the #olympictorch #citizenrelay in #Cumbernauld http://pic.twitter.com/yULQGF1tSTV Cumbernauld
Cumbernauld have pushed the boat out, they have a stage. Pipers currently playing to the crowd #citizenrelayCameron King
Brilliant turnout here, real sense of a community celebrating together #citizenrelayCameron King
#cumbernauld awaits the arrival of the Torch Relay #busy #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/Lz5LLhKVS-/David McGillivray
#citizenrelay #torchrelay #scotland #saltire @ Olympic Torch Relay http://instagr.am/p/Lz2HbjCZvc/Transatlantic Blonde

Summer of Song and grassroots involvement in Cumbernauld

Interview with Gillian, co-ordinator with summer of song in North Lanarkshire #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
Interview with school teacher from Stepps Primary School #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
Never seen #Cumbernauld so busy. Loads of people awaiting the #OlympicTorch #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/atExZrpbNiall Feighan
Roundup of the day in Cumbernauld:
Quick summary of Cumbernauld #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking

Mainstream media pick up our content

David’s audioboo hit the net…
Debbie reflects on local pride in CumbernauldAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
…and Real Radio wanted it!
@dgmcgillivray Hi David – could we use your boo of Debbie on Real News?Real Radio News SCOT

The bus gets to Pulp Fiction in Edinburgh

Arrived at the #citizenrelay media centre! This place is amazing! #geekingout @ Pulp Fiction http://instagr.am/p/Lz9EEVkD6K/Jennifer Jones
#citizenrelay is at the Olympics live site in Edinburgh @ Festival Square http://instagr.am/p/L0FSOxRuFf/Katharine Pollock
#citizenrelay team at Festival square in Edinburgh http://instagr.am/p/L0FmPyOMWv/Boyana Atanasova
The team is gathering @ Pulp Fiction #citizenrelay #edinburgh http://pic.twitter.com/ShlGNjbgBoyana Atanasova

Pulp Fiction one of many shared spaces available to young artists:

With Rebecca from @somewhereto_sct who arrange @pulpfiction_ed for #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones

Citizen Relay journalists out on the streets of Auld Reekie

#citizenrelay get an international perspective on the relayAn Audioboo by cameronking
Interview with Finlay McAndrew of Run 4 It (far left). Running shop, including Olympic branded kitAn Audioboo by dsrjarman
Local businesses in Edinburgh are getting involved in the Torch Relay #citizenrelay @ Edinburgh http://instagr.am/p/L0ZD1JxuL2/Katharine Pollock
Behind the scenes stuff is always revealing. The public only see the slick end product…
Interview with Adam and Mike, keeping the roads clear for Edinburgh’s torch eventAn Audioboo by dsrjarman
#CitizenRelay Preparations at The Castle, Edinburghpolysemictimes
#CitizenRelay interview with Karen from EdinburghAn Audioboo by Batanasova
Girls from Finland interviewAn Audioboo by yutso09

Meanwhile, back at Pulp Fiction

Jad (@textdump) has arrived! Talking about #edinburgh #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
Charlene from Pulp Fiction talks about #citizenrelay media centre @pulpfiction_edAn Audioboo by jennifermjones

Larbert – a wee town with a big crowd for the torch

@JLBleakley The torch bearer in Larbert main street #Larbert #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/zrLp2eRVLaurie
#CitizenRelay Interview with local business Lola Lemon in LarbertAn interview at Lola Lemon fashion boutique in Larbert about the Torch Relay, on the 10th of June 2012.
#CitizenRelay interview with young people from LarbertInterview with young people from Larbert a few hours before the Torch passes through on the 13th of June 2012.

A hitch in Falkirk?

#olympictorch running 25 mins late for its spin through the world’s only rotating boat lift #falkirkwheel #myolympics #citizenrelayLucy Bannerman

Skinflats suddenly becomes very popular

Police say there are over 1700 people here #Skinflats #citizenrelayGerry M
Although not everyone was a fan:
Woman from a car window: "all this for a lighter. A lighter! " #Skinflats #citizenrelayGerry M
The majority were definitely pro-torch:
#citizenrelay interview with Michael, board member and member of Deafblind ScotlandAn Audioboo by gerrym
#citizenrelay the parents of deafblind torchbearer Stephen come to see him in Skinflatsgerrymvideo

The torch gets a big welcome in Cairneyhill

Relay begins in Cairneyhill #citizenrelay @CitizenRelay http://yfrog.com/oea8zpujCaitlin Henderson

Back to Pulp Fiction to upload content

Speaking to @ellatasm about e-participation #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
The Edinburgh team returns to get content online. #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L0YWIIEDzK/Jennifer Jones
Girls with sponsorship interviewAn Audioboo by yutso09
#CitizenRelay speaking with a tourist on the Royal Mile, Edinburghpolysemictimes
We are capturing audience reactions on the mound after flame past #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L0uo33ED-F/Jennifer Jones
Interview with Ian in Edinburgh after the torch passed #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
More Ashley Terrace torch crowds #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/sUFf0d40Duncan Brown
#CitizenRelay interview with Ellie – a torchbearer from Edinburghdirdri
Content from Torch Relay – BruntsfieldTorch Relay – Bruntsfield
Interview with Gordon Howells, Bruntsfield, EdinburghAn Audioboo by dsrjarman

Citizen relay does what it does best, and non-mainstream voices are heard

#CitizenRelay: Critical perspectives in Edinburgh on the Olympicspolysemictimes

The torch makes it to Edinburgh castle

Olympic torch arriving at Edinburgh Castle. #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/fyJ15IYEMadeleine
#citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/3XpPSIVVYutso

A perspective from overseas!

Global events congress meets #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by gmp01

Looking back on the day (and the project so far) via Skype

#citizenrelay update 13th Junemediatrustuk

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