#citizenrelay: Day 8 – Edinburgh to Berwick

The last day of torch relay in Scotland saw the convoy move from Edinburgh to the Borders. Again, a fantastic selection of content was created today, so keep an eye on the #citizenrelay hashtag (and of course www.citizenrelay.net) as more of this content is uploaded to the site.

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Beginning of the end, or end of the beginning? 

It is the last day of #citizenrelay! We are heading out of Edinburgh, on the way to Peebles & Selkirk before crossing the border at Berwick.Jennifer Jones
@jennifermjones good luck to team #citizenrelay on their final day – it’s been great to watch, see & hear – Loving the bus! JcJohn Coster

The torch gets going early in a quiet Edinburgh

the fisrt #Olympictorchscotland torch runner of the day #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/goXvUfyZLBPolice
This doesn’t look like LOCOG’s work – they would have picked a letter case and stuck to it. It seems that the public do like the torch.
Gorgie response to torch #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L2H5AxkD7W/Jennifer Jones
#olympictorchscotland arrives in Colinton. #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L1vhacG_MH/CarolynRoceroBesana
welcomed the Olympic torch to Bruntsfield! #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/QVXfrY7ZJustine Taylor
#citizenrelay in Edinburgh this morning http://pic.twitter.com/2bpiPA9EJulie Sutherland
A different kind of Olympic ideal
Bruntsfield curry and coffee box on an extended mission http://yfrog.com/ocp4kzbj via @dsrjarman #citizenrelayElla Taylor-Smith

Don’t unfollow the messenger

If a twitter account changes it’s focus for a brief period, does that affect the contract between followed and follower? One twitterer thought so:
I’m unfollowing @Edinburgh_CC due to excessive #citizenrelay tweeting, I follow for Council news & updates not whats currently being tweetedMichael Traill
However, in a different context the the hashtag is well received: 
Loving how #citizenrelay is engaging with folk and capturing the mood as the olympic flame makes its journey across Scotlandhilary young

Relay on the doorstep but better off watching it on the web?

@suchprettyeyes: Main blocker to the actual view of the torch turns out to be the media van. Of course. http://pic.twitter.com/fEW4UTcd #citizenrelayNicola Osborne

Social media is grassroots-led, not top-down

More hashtag talk. @suchprettyeyes makes a good point:
RT @suchprettyeyes: I’m not sure the #Olympics organisers get social media. Hashtag is the hugely unwieldy #London2012TorchRelay according to the media truckmelissa terras
The “offical” hashtag gets all of the keywords in, but isn’t concise enough for real-world use. Maybe #GotToGetAllTheImportantWordsInToSatisfyOurBrandingGuidelines was already taken?


Olympic flame at Duddingston Rd West. #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/1MdquXfgElsa Fay du Cinéma
I love how everyday that scene is: traffic at lights, bus load of commuters taking photos, Olympic flame from Greece etc. #citizenrelayElsa Fay du Cinéma


It’s absolutely heavin in Musselburgh this morning for #TorchRelay #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/VvQD2syzSarah Scott

Milton Bridge – DIY Olympics rings

Driving through Milton Bridge which has been attacked by ‘lympic fever #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L2WC7NkD-g/Jennifer Jones

On to Peebles

The #citizenrelay bus in Peebles. Managed to lose the keys for about 15 mins :-/ http://instagr.am/p/L2dGopED_9/Jennifer Jones
#peebles awaits the Torch #citizenrelay @scotborders #borderstorch http://instagr.am/p/L2Z5DzqVap/David McGillivray
The Olympics and Olympic values are very much an important part of the curriculum –  kids can’t wait for the Torch.
Interview with Catrina, deputy head at local school #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
Homemade flags created by local schools in #peebles. The real spirit of the Olympics #citizenrelay @scotbord http://instagr.am/p/L2cr-uKVa7/David McGillivray
Paul is documenting the torch solely as a personal project
Paul in Peebles capturing magic memoriesAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
And so it goes…
And as quickly as they gather, the crowds disperse. #citizenrelay #peebles http://instagr.am/p/L2eR95kDwT/Jennifer Jones
The bus is on the move again
#citizenrelay bus now leaving Peebles http://instagr.am/p/L2jSG3RuIL/Katharine Pollock

Innerleithen – the torch almost at the end of its Scottish journey

Interview with Jim at Innearleithen #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
Toby the Torchbearer’s family in #walkerburn #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L2lkPRqVcm/David McGillivray
We stopped in Walkerburn where we met Toby the torchbearer’s family! #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
Interview with Vi from Caberston Coffee Shop in Innerleithen for #citizenrelayInterview with Vi from Caberston Coffee Shop in Innerleithen for #citizenrelay about the torch relay passing through the village.
And so it goes… again
Post-flame aftermath in Innerleithen #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L2kjBqkDxt/Jennifer Jones


It’s team @dgmcgillivray today, on route to Selkirk #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L2nsxAkDyX/Jennifer Jones
Alan in Selkirk talks Olympic Torch and Common RidingsAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
#selkirk awaits the #commonridings with its distinctive message http://instagr.am/p/L2q5VpKVeN/David McGillivray

Citizen Relay is popping up all over

The latest from The Digital Engagement GuideNew this week Citizen Relay: Tracking the 2012 Torch Around Scotland Interesting multimedia project coordinated by a team at the Universi…
#CitizenRelay storms Scotland : #media2012Andy Miah | Jun 14, 2012 | Comments 0 The Scotland #media2012 hub has delivered an extraordinary project this week called #CitizenRelay, …

Handing over more than a torch to England

@youngwemyss thanks. We’re nearly done in Scotland but keep it going in England! #citizenrelayDavid McGillivray
I really like #citizenrelay’s approach to the torch coverage in Scotland. Could it follow the torch down to England? http://www.citizenrelay.net/Ben Werdmuller
@benwerd wish we could! I’ve got @bcumedia students covering it on the 30th June and @citizenseye is covering it in east mids #citizenrelayJennifer Jones

Alternative Citizen Relay in Hawick

People of Hawick (largest town in Scottish borders) v annoyed at being left out of #torchrelay #myolympics #citizenrelayLucy Bannerman
Sod it, they said: we’ll have our own. Thousands turned out. This man made their torch: #myolympics #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/5uevQ22FLucy Bannerman
Hamish Smith interviewed by #citizenrelay about the torch he made himself http://instagr.am/p/L20KK0KVR9/David McGillivray

Last stop – Berwick

Incredible scenes in #berwick as Torch approaches. The baton is being passed from Scotland #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/L3A13cqVXl/David McGillivray
The Mayor talks about the importance of, and the investment in, the Jubilee and the torch in his town.
The Mayor of Berwick welcomes the Olympic Flame to EnglandAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
Dual identities and national sympathies in Berwick. Perhaps the most truly British place in the UK? 
Interview with Dave in Berwick #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
Flags and meaning – one flag is The Sun’s freebie Union Flag, the other is “the proper one, the Scottish flag”.
Bill in Berwick explains his two flagsAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
Jim from Berwick Museum on the colourful history of Berwick #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones

And that’s it over – “We did it!”

The #citizenrelay team, tired & pleased! We did it!!An Audioboo by jennifermjones
We found @dgmcgillivray and we interviewed him about some project called #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
I am sad #citizenrelay is over, in terms of the torch. I have interviews lined up though… I can’t let go! Thanks for an ace time.Sarah Hayhurst

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