Edinburgh; Monday 11th June 2012

On Sunday afternoon, after part of the team of reporters finished a heavy day at our jobs, Boyana Atasanova as Edinburgh’s intern joins us at Pulp Fiction to discuss our plans for the Olympic Torch passing through the city.

After a good cup of coffee and meeting some new recruits such as Mira Arya, we were observing what the route looks like as shown online and what stops will the torch make, and what stories we would love to be covering during the relay.

Some of us are ready and excited to achieve our goals trying to give the best coverage we can, and now that we have our press passes of Citizen Relay, Edinburgh reporters are ready to roll!!!

We have seen that our Guides David McGillivray and Jennifer Jones  have done an excellent job. And other fellow reporters around the country are also giving excellent stories and footage of the events.

People have said that they didn’t know about the torch passing by or that they weren’t interested. Now that it’s here, we see people enjoying it, participating within the events of this project. Was it a lack of information? Or they just weren’t ready for it?

At only a couple of days for the torch to reach Edinburgh, we hope that people will join and participate even more, since these kind of events are only once in a lifetime.

I like meeting new people, hearing and sharing ideas. I like photography, video and journalism.

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