Yesterday, the Torch Relay moved quickly from Stornoway to the mainland and across the North East of the country from Tomintoul through Deeside and into Aberdeen.  The #citizenrelay team got some impressions from reporters as they left the village of Tomintoul to head towards the big smoke.

The Tomintoul celebrations were markedly local in the sense that a variety of community organisations came together to extend the ‘impact’ of the 8-minute Torch procession.  As the relay moved through Deeside into Aberdeen, we were keen to capture the difference between the rural and urban frame.  Scott expresses a little disappointment at the disruption caused.

Jo also reflects on the sort of build up experienced in the Granite City and the immediate dispersal of spectators once the Torch Relay had passed through.

In Aberdeen the crowds turned out in the Castlegate area to welcome the Olympic Flame after its journey along Holburn Street and Union Street. Here Karen Barlow captures the mood in the crowd from offices of VSA, a great charity .

Karen Barlow (@MissKazzieB) captures the mood in Aberdeen

The celebration events are the expression of grand spectacle and resemble min-pop concerts.  On route around Scotland, the balance between local significance (people could hardly believe the Torch had come through Tomintoul) and popular cultural appeal (Emilie Sande) has been a main talking point.  You need both to make an event like this work, but you can’t help enjoying the local forms of identification more.

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