CitizenRelay is a participatory project which relies on the involvement of people from across Scotland to effectively report on the untold local stories and creative ways that Scotland’s citizens are interacting with the Olympic Games.  There are a number of ways that you can become involved and join the project.

Firstly, you can apply to become one of only 8 citizen media interns who will play a pivotal role in managing their regional activity before, during and after the Torch Relay passes through Scotland. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, experience of working with content across multi-media/multi-platforms and can commit to being available between 8th and 14th June, 2012, then you might be just who we’re looking for.  To find out more about the recruitment process, click here.

Alternatively, if you want to participate in CitizenRelay but have less experience of using multimedia tools then perhaps being a citizen reporter would be a more attractive option.  We’re looking for between 50-60 people from across Scotland to register to become a CitizenRelay Reporter.  You will receive training from other citizen journalists on how to go about blogging, creating podcasts, interviewing people and capturing the Torch Relay on camera.  Training events in Glasgow, Inverness, Dundee and Edinburgh will take place in April this year.  If you want to sign up to one of these events, then click here for a booking form.

If you would simply like to be associated with the CitizenRelay project and perhaps want to share relevant content in such as way as to have it communicated to a wider audience, then please contact us directly.

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