St Cuthbert’s Primary School pupils took to the streets with notebooks, pens and their cameras to capture the historic arrival of the Olympic torch.


The news day was the culmination of a month-long project with UWS Journalism Lecturer Elizabeth McLaughlin and her Sports Journalism students.


The pupils took note and interviewed people for their stories and captured the Olympic visit on camera and video.


Here are the reports from the day:

The Olympic torch came to Maybole on Friday June 8 but before it a parade of Coca Cola, Bank of Scotland and Samsung drove through.


To everyone’s amazement the torch was right on time and St Cuthbert’s Primary School, the smallest school, made the most noise.


The torch runners met and the flames were combined before the next runner left, Ryan Speirs set off through Maybole first.


There were motorbikes, vans, bikes and lorries and when the torch came round the corner were St Cuthbert’s spot was, there was a handover of the torch flame. It was a great experience for Maybole and the world to see on TV.


When St Cuthbert’s children saw the torch there were cries of joy and we were screaming:  “Light the torch, light the torch,” and “We want the torch, we want the torch”.


The streets were jammed full of people and the noise was incredible although it happened very fast.


It was a marvellous event and it was very windy as the Coca Cola truck people gave out free coke, it was astonishing with lots of people young and old screaming and shouting for joy.


Editorial team: Zoe Campbell, Millie Hanna, Jorja McNab, Ben McLaughlin, Dani Struthers, Lara Valdrigh (P5), Toni McLaughlin (P6), Cain Patrick, Zak Tomlinson, Darra Murdoch, Blair Hanna, Aidan McQuillan, Jack Menzies (P7).

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