Do you want be involved in reporting the Olympic Torch Relay in Scotland as part of a team of citizen reporters? Join us and become a member of the #CitizenRelay project tracking the Olympic Torch Relay as it travels around Scotland in June, 2012.

What will I learn?

As a #CitizenRelay Reporter you will learn how to:

Write for the web, including posting to blogging platforms and using social media
Take and upload digital photographs
Make a short film/video and upload to the internet
Create and edit a podcast
Interview people

What will I be doing?

The #CitizenRelay project tracks the Torch Relay on its journey along the length and breadth of Scotland. You can be one of 15 #CitizenRelay Reporters working in one of four geographical areas (Glasgow and the West; Inverness and the North West; Dundee and the North East; and, Edinburgh and the East). You will have the opportunity to:

– Attend training days in your local area where you will be shown how to produce content and upload it to the #CitizenRelay website

– Work alongside two experienced #CitizenRelay Interns to produce stories about the Torch Relay and the Olympics as they affect your local area

– Travel on the #CitizenRelay roadtrip for two days on your leg of the journey.

How will this benefit me?

– You will be involved in a national project which enables your voice to be heard.

– You can use the experience gained from participating in the project to sign up for further education or training at your local college or University.

– You will be invited to participate in an event attended by Creative Scotland (Scotland’s national arts agency) on completion of the project.

#CitizenRelay is part of a wider #media2012 citizen media initiative around the London 2012 Olympic Games. Your work could reach a national and/or international audience.

The #CitizenRelay project is funded by Creative Scotland.  Expenses incurred during training days and whilst travelling on the Torch Relay roadtrip will be covered by the project funding.

How do I apply?

If the opportunity to be a #CitizenRelay Reporter excites you then send please send a 300-word pitch detailing: 1) Why you would like to become a #CitizenRelay Reporter? 2) Why you are the best person to take up the opportunity 3)What skills you would bring to the project? to before the 2nd May, 2012.

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