#citizenrelay Day 1 – Torch arrives in Scotland

The #citizenrelay bus kicks into gear on Day 1 – delivering media passes, appearing on radio, and beating the Beeb to live coverage of the torch arriving in Scotland. Scroll down to see the day unfold across text, photos, audio and video.

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Good opener:

Good luck to everyone involved with #citizenrelay! Hope there’s no fuss on the bus, no stress, no mess and may the torch be with you. ;-)Claire Mackie

#citizenrelay gets airtime

Live on the air at Pulse FM talking #citizenrelaycaffeinebomb

Now, time to get the #citizenrelay passes out

#citizenrelay on its way for a badge drop off to reporters around Glasgow. If you want one send us a tweet:-)David McGillivray

Fancy taking part? 

New on #citizenrelay PRINT YOUR OWN #CITIZENRELAY MEDIA PASS: CITIZENRELAYMEDIAPASS Want to report on… http://tinyurl.com/7trza6d #mtnewsnetCitizenRelay
Dropping off media passes in West George Street. Hell yeah!!!! #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/kyB5xOm4Jennifer Jones
The #citizenrelay bus, spotted in Trongate, dropping off the media passes for @GerryMcG to cover east end http://pic.twitter.com/vQiZNUG1Jennifer Jones

Schoolchildren become reporters:

Ayrshire school children become Olympic reporters | Citizen Relay: Tracking the 2012 Torch Around ScotlandCHILDREN from a school in Maybole have been learning how to be reporters in time for the Olympic Torch Relay visit to their town on Frida…
Glasgow has ‘lympic bunting – everywhere! The city has been well and truly ‘dressed’ #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/LkzbazqVZw/David McGillivray
St Cuthbert’s Pupils become Journalists for the Summer Olympicstheawayend

#citizenrelay documentary – background info

#CitizenRelay Scotlandcommmediahub

Grassroots engagement

Is this this youngest #citizenrelay reporter in Ayr?? “@dojomccartney: @jennifermjones – recruit them young http://pic.twitter.com/Fe5KJfz6”Jennifer Jones
@citizenseye Here’s our base in the making http://www.flickr.com/photos/cameronking/sets/72157630073830618/ via @officialcamglenCameron King
Dont believe the hype. This is really how Scotland welcomes the torch. #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/LlFlaWkD9T/Jennifer Jones

Mainstream: STV get on board

Live Updates: Citizen Relay reporters follow Olympic Torch through city http://local.stv.tv/glasgow/magazine/105184-live-updates-citizen-relay-reporters-follow-olympic-torch-through-city/ #citizenrelayAlly Tibbitt

Crowd control is a priority for local authorities:

Two mins until we get on this bus to meet the flame, the crowds swarm around the emotional experience. #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/hehkpPbMJennifer Jones
If you’re not already following #citizenrelay START! #olympics #communityRoss McCulloch
You heard the man!
This weekend be following the #citizenrelay. We’ve even created a new part of the website especially for it:- http://www.theawayend.net/sport-homeThe Away End

The Torch arrives

Wet and windy as film crews capture their shots for first moment of Torch #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/LlK_zJKVWV/David McGillivray

Torch arrives: scoop!

Live stream of torch arriving and media frenY in the rain #citizenrelayjenniferjones
#citizenrelay at first moment of Torch arrival in ScotlandAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
#citizenrelay beat the mainstream media to broadcasting the Olympic torch in Scotland | Citizen Relay: Tracking the 2012 Torch Around ScotlandThe torch has arrived in Scotland. Technically, it runs tomorrow. But #citizenrelay got access to the moment the torch arrived in Scotlan…
Live stream of torch arriving and media frenY in the rain #citizenrelayjenniferjones
@dgmcgillivray @jennifermjones interesting, BBC Scotland & BBC News weren’t live. A #citizenrelay exclusive!Cameron King
Torchbearer shows off the flame as it arrives on Scottish soil #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/LlN9MxqVX9/David McGillivray
We grabbed Doreen who brought the torch here. She entered at Cairnryan. #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
Catherine talks about her choir performing at the Torch arrivalAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
Russell Brown MP talks to #citizenrelay live from Torch Relay arrivalAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray

End of the day – preparing for Day 2 and beyond

Whilst the media smooze torches, we get to work #citizenrelay http://instagr.am/p/LlVi_qED25/Jennifer Jones
Look what arrived with only 12 hours to spare! @CitizenRelay #citizenrelay http://pic.twitter.com/rs1pyBdiGillian Lambie
Parts of Clydebank being cleaned and polished as never before @jennifermjones could it be for the coming of the lympic torch? #citizenrelayCatherine Kearney

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