There was a real wealth of material from today, and this Storify only represents a portion of all the great material that was created.

Furthermore, Storify nearly toppled over with the sheer amount of content even in this cut-down list, so please delve into the hashtags and look back over the day’s work!

#citizenrelay Day 2 – Up to Glasgow

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Girvan and beyond

Get involved today, #citizenrelay is the hashtag to use for anything related to the Olympic torch’s route through Scotland.The Away End
First spotting of Girvan festivity for the Olympic torch #citizenrelay Jones
Wendy talks about #Girvan Primary School’s Olympic Song as they await the Torch arrival @Southayrshire #citizenrelay McGillivray
Am enjoying this morning’s #citizenrelay coverage. Good to see (and hear!) the local voices on the Torch Relay route round Scotland.John Fellows
#Girvan’s first Torchbearer runs through the town #citizenrelay @southayrshire McGillivray
Girvan Primary sing their Olympic Songdgmcgillivray
Keeping my kids off school today to see Olympic torch go past our house #citizenrelay #rainingagainAnna Selwood
Morning! #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
Interview with volunteers putting up torch branding in Rutherglen #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by cameronking
18th century meets the 21st as the Torch arrives in AllowayAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
Interview with councillor Bill Grant, who has followed the torch since 6am #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
Hello #torchrelay ! Live coverage/map: Overview: hashtag: #citizenrelay @CitizenRelayVisitScotland

Commercialisation, the Torch’s dodgy roots, Kirsty… and what does the whole thing mean?

Finally caught @stuart_hepburn and his thoughts on the torch #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones

Kirsty’s support team

Support for Kirsty the latest Torchbearer in #alloway @southayrshire #citizenrelay McGillivray
Suzanne, torchbearer no 36 completes her journey #citizenrelay @southayrshire McGillivray
Here comes the spectacle to Alloway #citizenrelayjenniferjones
Kirstie reflects on the spectacle of the Olympic Flame coming through GiffnockAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
Here is me, getting the weans excited. This is so exciting. #citizenrelay Jones
The South Ayrshire Summer of Song being sung as Torch arrivdgmcgillivray
Bill Boyd @literacyadvisor on what the torch means for Scotland #citizenrelayBill talks to Elena about flags and Scottish identity outside the Burns museum in Alloway

The Guardian becomes interested

“@Sheriffbrody: Why hello there @jennifermjones” Omg, this insane! That’s #citizenrelay on the @guardian data blog!Jennifer Jones
We have a bus, we have a crew. We are heading to Kilmacolm! #citizenrelay Jones

Lord Coe interviewed by young citizen journalists

Our kid reporters interviewed lord coe! RT @CameronKing: Duncanrig Radio interview Lord Coe #citizenrelayJennifer Jones

Celebrity Endorsement Not Forthcoming

First person we ask about the Olympic torch…Frankie Boyle. He wasnt feeling it… #citizenrelayGillian Lambie
Elena interviews Gayle a student from Largs who travelled to see torch in Ayr #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones

Moray go their own way with the Olympics in 2012

Moray torch relayWhat is it? Whether you are capable of running 10 miles, or can only walk or push a buggy for a few metres, this is your one-off opportun…
Liz Shaw reflects on what Torch visit to KilmarnockAn Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
This is my final spectacle of the day.. Sauchiehall St torch live #citizenrelay take 3jenniferjones


#citizenrelay George Square talking to fans of General Fiascogerrymvideo
.@officialcamglen reporter interviewing General Fiasco in Glasgow #citizenrelay King

Another stop another upload

Now the fun begins, we are getting the content from Stranraer to Glasgow online #citizenrelay Jones

Different takes on the importance of flags

Speaking to an anonymous source. Talking about flags. #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
#citizenrelay interview with Claire – talking Union Jack and Glasgow atmosphereAn Audioboo by gerrym

Glasgow : nothing if not gentlemanly

Horse doffs cap to the flame. #glasgow #citizenrelay Aldridge
@Bellaboo64 well done you. Been amazing effort from our band of roving reporters across the South and West. Inspirational! #citizenrelayDavid McGillivray

Moving on to Day 3…

Capturing footage for #citizenrelay journey Pollock

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