The torch swung off around the islands today with Islanders contributing to the coverage, and the Citizen Relay bus made up ground on the mainland – covering the stories in Inverness and Tomintoul.

#citizenrelay Day 4 – Shetland, Orkney, Inverness and Tomintoul

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“A full meta” – breakfast for the bus crew

Meet Victoria, a #citizenrelay reporter from Inverness, documenting her breakfast! Jones

Meanwhile on the Islands…

Morning everyone. The Olympic Flame visits the Scottish Islands today – what’re views on Olympics when far away from London? #citizenrelayCitizenRelay
@CitizenRelay Welcome to the Olympic flame to the edge of the realm. Kirkwall, Orkney, this a.m & Lerwick, #Shetland this p.m. Xcitment!Nat Hall
Hello Shetland.This is where #olympictorch is arrivng today(closer to Bergen than Manchester) #myolympics #citizenrelay Bannerman
15 torchbearers in the starting blox 4 their moment of happiness this afternoon in Lerwick – as fiery as Up-Helly-Aa! #citizenrelay #60NNat Hall

#citizenrelay more flexible than traditional media

@CitizenRelay I see the BBC are linking to you on their Torch Relay pages in their "More about this area section" Rumens
MT “@BBC2012: We’re currently unable to bring you pictures of #torchcam, as there is no 3G in Kirkwall, Orkney.” Need some #CitizenRelay ?David Jarman
i love the Citizen Relay Project charting to passage of the Olympic Torch across Scotland. whose idea to set it up?#citizenrelay #fbPeter Ride

Crew chat in Inverness – revelations on the expense of the official relay process

Speaking to Charlie, part of the crew who did the Inverness event. #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
Gerry, Events Officer for Highland Council on costs of the relay #citizenrelayAn Audioboo by jennifermjones
Picked a good spot to park the #citizenrelay bus. We fit in now! @ Highland Council Jones
Just 3 sleeps left till the Olympic torch arrives in South West! We’ll be doing some live tweeting. Join us by using: #citizenrelaySouth West Team
#Olympic Flame flying to #Shetland and landing at 1230 BST – Lerwick still quiet, though adrenaline always ignited with fire. #citizenrelayNat Hall

The Bus Leaves Inverness

Right! We are on the move. Next stop, #tomintoul – and a visit to @dgmcgillivray’s family farm. #citizenrelay #coosJennifer Jones
Last tweet before we are in no signal country! Bye Inverness, you’ve been great… #citizenrelay on the move!Gillian Lambie
Inverness was fun, now en route to Tomintoul, goodbye mobile twitter #citizenrelayCameron King

Meanwhile, back on Shetland – Shetland Vikings welcome the torch. Thankfully they are not the rapey pillagey type: #myolympics #citizenrelayLucy Bannerman

Shetland: a fantastic blog post

NordicblackbirdDOTcom: Olympic flameOn Thursday night, I saw the torch (well, one of 8000 metallic clones!) – this afternoon I saw the flame. I love the symbolic in the Olym…

Reflections on Day 4

Final reflections on day 4An Audioboo by dgmcgillivray
We are reflecting on bunting and city dressing. #citizenrelcaffeinebomb

Looking to tomorrow

#grantown prepares to welcome the Torch Relay tomorrow #citizenrelay McGillivray
The streets of Tomintoul ahead of the torch tomorrow. #citicaffeinebomb
@jennifermjones which island groups has the torch been to today #quizquestionConor Moss
@conmossy Shetland and Orkney! And it is off to Harris tomorrow where we have a #citizenrelay reporter covering it at 6am. Just confirmed :)Jennifer Jones
Village starting to warm up for torch day tomorrow #CitizenRelay #Culter #Aberdeen Turner

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