Hi, I’m Ellie and this is my story of my amazing experience as an Olympic torchbearer. I was lucky enough to be nominated and selected by Coca-cola because I coach a mini handball team, play handball for the Scottish Youth Team and have also raised money for the Marie curie in memory of my Granny and also my grandad who both died as a result of cancer. On the morning of 14th June 2012, I woke at 5am with a feeling of anticipation and excitement.

My stomach was jumping with nerves and I couldn’t manage breakfast, so after getting ready and dressing into my white and gold torchbearer uniform, we took a few family photos then I was taken by car to my meeting point of Penicuik town hall, where I met all the other torchbearers who were sharing my leg of the relay. Everyone was lovely and the relay officials were quick to put us all at ease. After being shown how to carry our torch correctly, we climbed aboard the torchbearers bus and set off to the first dr op off point. There were 18 torchbearers on the coachand I was one of the final six, the first to be running in Peebles at 11.22 am.

Throughout our time on the coaches, we passed through many areas with crowds of people waiting patiently to get a glimpse of the Torchbearers carrying the Olympic Flame. That’s when it really sunk in, I was going to be a part of history! My arm ached from waving so much, the smile on my face spread from ear to ear! We arrived in Peebles around ten minutes before I was due to run, I had time to have my photos taken with my family and others who were waiting. The sun was shining brightly and a big group of my firends were chanting my name and cheering loudly.

My heart was pounding with excitement when the relay car carrying the lantern arrived. Then it was time! My torch was lit with the flame which had travelled all the way from Olympia and off I went. The first few steps I strode then adrenaline must have kicked in and I sped off!! All too so on, I was at the end of my 300 metres with crowds chering and waving. I passed the flame to the next torchbearer,Alison Binns, and after a brief moment was shown back to the second torchbearer’s bus which follows the relay to pick up the torchbearers afterwards.

I couldn’t believe how fast I had ran, I fully intended to walk or jog!! Yet still, every second of every minute was amazing. Words cannot describe the feeling of euphoria and pride I felt. I will treasure the memory (and the torch) forever. The day ended with a wonderful garden party shared with my friends and my family. I could not have asked for a more perfect day 🙂

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