BY SEAN McGEE, citizen reporter.

As the Olympic torch approaches Glasgow on its celebrated journey around Great Britain, there was another sporting celebration taking place in the Kelvin Hall that echoed the spirit of the Olympics.

The FARE Mini-Olympics, incorporating 17 schools from the East End of Glasgow, is in its ninth year and this year happened to fall on the date that the Olympic torch passes through Glasgow.

The number of pupils taking part is close to 800 and Rosemary Dixon, Chief Executive of FARE, was sure the event occurring on the same day as the relay passes through Glasgow will be a source of inspiration for those taking part.

“If there is anything that is going to inspire the kids, it is taking part in an event like this when the torch is coming to the city. They’re never going to forget that. That memory will stick with them forever.”

The Mini-Olympics covers a wide range of Olympic events, such as javelin, track events and shot putt, giving the children an opportunity to sample a variety of sports.

For the past four weeks in the run up to the event, the children taking part in the games where taught about the significance of the games and all the flags of the countries taking part in the games as well as receiving coaching in all the events to make sure they are well prepared for the competition.

Rosemary Dixon was also adamant that today’s event would help nurture a new generation of GB athletes adding that,

“We know that there are some young people that have attended the Mini-Olympics over the years that are now aiming for the Commonwealth games when it comes to Scotland.

“Hopefully in the crowd of 11 year olds today there will be future Olympic medalists.”

With many excited faces cheering on those competing in the event, it is inevitable that many of those children will be cheering on the GB athletes at the Olympics this Summer with the same vigour they supported their classmates.

It is also hoped that some of the kids taking part today could also become our future Olympic medallists, inspired by the appearance of the Olympic torch in their home town.

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