Edinburgh; 12 June 2012.

Event organizer Caroline Muir

“The Wester Hailes Fun Run is coming back and this time it’s Olympian!”

It’s 2012 and it’s an Olympic year. Wester Hailes is taking part with this project which had been in stand for a few years. A 5k  Wester Hailes Fun Run will take place on Saturday 16th of June. A couple of organisations and residents around the area got together and decided to bring the event back.

After have spoken to Caroline Muir (Community Events organizer for Prospect Community Housing) about the project, she mentioned that they would like to make this event bigger and better if it all comes out good next Saturday aiming to make it an official sporting event for the Commonwealth games which will take place in Scotland in the coming years.

Trying to put Wester Hailes on the map, the organizers have been blogging and published the idea of bringing the event back. Lots of people debated and gave their opinion that it would be great to have this event. So the organizers looked for all the support and plans to make this event possible. As a community Wester Hailes would have liked to take part of the Torch Relay by having it involved with the Fun Run for its importance since the 1970’s. But as Caroline said: “You can’t have the Torch everywhere,  some places are just left out”.

So in hope of a great Saturday, with all the sport activities they will have, they give the best of wishes to the torchbearers and Athletes passing by Edinburgh and participating in the Olympic Games.



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